Linda Shaw, Boca Raton, Florida

Linda Shaw, Boca Raton, Florida. My dentist is Dr. Wolf Schwartz. When I needed a dentist years ago, I went to a retired dentist, asked who he suggested, who did he use as a former dentist? And he said there was only one great dentist that he could recommend and that was Dr. Wolf Schwartz. I have been with him for years; he has been terrific, I love his personality. His work is impeccable and the office staff is great. Thank you very much!

Diane Berlin, Deerfield Beach, Florida

Diane Berlin, Deerfield Beach, Florida. I’m a patient of Dr. Wolf Schwartz and his office is in Boca Raton Florida, and I’ve been seeing Dr. Schwartz for three years. Yesterday I had to take my son there for an emergency possibility of a root canal and they were able to accommodate us at a very timely manner and he worked very diligently on my son and then he saw me afterwards and I have nothing but really great things to say about Dr. Schwartz and his entire staff. They are 100% very caring and giving and I would highly recommend them to any of my friends and colleagues. Thank you very much!

Chris Curry, Plantation, Florida

This is Chris Curry in Plantation, Florida. I’ve seen Dr. Wolf Schwartz through a friend of mine that referred him to me as I was with her when she had some extensive work done and he did just excellent work with her and took a lot of time explaining the details of the procedures and everything that she was going to go through in order to obtain the goals that she wanted to and as a result I have gone back as a client myself and I received the exact same attention. I feel like I’ve stepped back into time with Dr. Wolf; he takes a lot of time and explains exactly what’s going on in your mouth rather than just telling you what to do so you can make an informed decision. He does excellent work and I’m very happy to have found him. Thank you!

Jason Steele, West Palm Beach, Florida

My name is Jason Steele from West Palm Beach, Florida. I’ve been seeing Dr. Wolf Schwartz, DDS for years now. He’s a wonderful dentist who makes me feel at home. He’s done a lot of great things for me; he’s what you would call in the business a five tier doctor who can do almost everything and he has on me! From implants to building my mouth back up to doing just basically an incredible thing for me. So I would take this time out to recommend Dr. Schwartz to anybody and I thank you for the time to hear my testimonial.

Lisa Edsie, Boca Raton, Florida

Hello, this is Lisa Edsie of Boca. I enjoy going to Dr. Wolf Schwartz. I find he is very professional, he knows everything that there is about dentistry, his staff is great, they’re knowledgeable and friendly so I enjoy going to the office. Thank you!